Administrative Structure of the Program

PI/Program Director (Dr. Cole) and Co-PI/Program Directors (Drs. Cohen and Holtzman)

  • Supervise overall conduct of the program
  • Review applications and progress reports of trainees
  • Assist trainees with mentor selection
  • Interact with clinical pulmonary research resources to ensure trainee access to them
  • Appoint Advisory Committee Members; attend and coordinate Advisory Committee meetings
  • Arrange priorities for site visits by external Advisory Committee members
  • Review and approves Scholarship Oversight Committee members for each trainee
  • Develop individualized Omics Inflammatory Airway Disease Research curricula when appropriate
  • Meet regularly with trainees and mentors to assess the effectiveness of the Program and to set timetables for submission of papers, grant applications, and other milestones
  • Plan Omics of Inflammatory Airway Disease conference series
  • Conduct regularly programmatic evaluations

Program Administrator (Tamera Toal)

  • Responsible for day-to-day program administration
  • Coordinates the trainee recruitment and application processes
  • Schedules, attends and records all meetings
  • Schedules didactic activities for trainees
  • Maintains trainees’ records
  • Maintains financial records for the Program
  • Schedules speakers for the Omics of Inflammatory Airway Disease series
  • Coordinates visits by outside speakers and external Advisory Committee members